As Seda Medical, we are trying to make the world healthier and more sustainable. In this direction, we integrate our sustainability approach with the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" and aim to contribute to the goals of "Good Health and well-being", "Quality Education" and "Partnerships for Goals", which are among the 17 development goals.

We believe that sustainability is a long journey and we focus on these three main areas to achieve our sustainability goals.

Good Health and Well-Being

Good Health and Well-being is among the goals that the United Nations is willing to achieve by 2030. Good Health and Well-being Life is one of the basic elements of Seda Medical's corporate strategy. Therefore, our focus is to ensure that more people have access to Good Health and Well-being services, first in our country and then in our region.

We work with scientific expertise, solution-oriented services, superior equipment and global partnerships to contribute to sustainable development and ensure that all people have access to medical advances and modern healthcare.

Quailty Education

We believe that one of the most important goals of the sustainable development model is quality of education. In this direction, we believe that the way to deliver high quality services and efficient working processes depended on knowledgeable and competent employees. We give priority to the training of our employees and offer all kinds of opportunities to increase their productivity while improving their technical, social and administrative skills.

At the same time, we offer all kinds of training opportunities to our employees. We continue to support them to transfer their knowledge and experience to the next generation.