Founders' Message

Founders' Message

Turkmen carpets are embedded in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. They are considered one of the most important cultural treasures of Turkmenistan. They can be found in almost every household which signify their most distinctive feature. They are made from only natural materials and perfect workmanship. Turkmen Carpets have a history, philosophy, and culture. As Seda Medical, we generate our passion and mission inspired by the philosophy of Turkmen Carpets.

Turkmen Carpet is the most valuable item in the household. It is laid in the prime location of all houses. Our customers are as unique and valuable to us as a Turkmen Carpet. Our primary aim is to ensure achievement of our customers goals with the highest quality and expertise under our stewardship in the pursuit of the perfect solution.

Another feature that makes Turkmen carpets unique is a very high number of stitches (3000 stitches are thrown in an hour). It takes an incredible collaboration, skill, and expertise to complete a single carpet. This evokes us to build a strong and tight bond with our customers and partners, do our job well and work hard to achieve the best.

The patterns and colors on the Turkmen carpet express the richness and synergy created by different cultures. As Seda Medical, we continue to grow together with our partners in different countries. We have a strong portfolio and work in line with our goals. Developing and growing together constitutes the core of our strategy.

Weavers transfer their unique experience and skill to the next generation which perpetuate the value of the Turkmen carpet. We think highly of transferring our experiences to young generation and supporting them to realize their dreams. We strongly believe that the talents who joined us or will join us in the future will lead us to the better place thanks to their different perspectives. That’s why we pay a great importance to education, development, and learning. We feel responsible for creating new opportunities for young people who will join our company. We will support their journey on the flying carpet towards achievement of their ambitions and goals.

Every Turkmen carpet tells a story. Some stories are epic from ancient times while others are heroic. There are carpets that convey unity and solidarity. As Seda Medical, we will continue to write an unforgettable story together with our customers, partners, and colleagues and contribute to our country and regional economy while walking confidently towards a better future.