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Seda Medical is interested in developing partnership relationships with leading European and US medical device and reagent manufacturers. Seda conducts due diligence, market assessment and feasibility study of projects. Currently, company developed partnership relationships with Siemens Healthcare - Germany, bioMerieux - France, Horiba ABX SAS - France, Agilent - USA, Thermo Fisher Scientific - USA, R-Biopharm - Germany, Enraf-Nonius - Netherlands, Merck KgaA - Germany and others.

Benefits for our partners:

  • - Highly qualified expertise with medical and engineering background constantly available in service;
  • - No overhead cost for managing separate branch in the country;
  • - Quick feedback and direct assessment of the market potentials;
  • - First to know any developments in the market and first to submit documents for tenders;
  • - Eliminate all potential risks associated with entering unknown market;
  • - Tax and other regulatory benefits.

Our Partners