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Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of people. We make this possible by empowering healthcare institutions with advanced diagnostic solutions that help improve patient experience.

We believe that our wide range of diagnostic solutions contribute to better clinical decision-making, which has a significant and meaningful impact on the well-being of the patient.


We develop medical and laboratory facilities and make it functional, easy to use and working non-stop.

We work to be recognized as One point solution center for medical business in Turkmenistan.



We believe that TEAM is much bigger than many individuals, we appreciate our talents for each others support and acting as one. We inspire people to support each other, we bet on leaders encouraging cross-functional teamwork and diluting miscommunications.


We honest to each other, to customers and to partners. We act strictly based on company’s business conduct manual. We long-term oriented and we are absolutely intolerant of violation of moral principles.


We appreciate people motivated by success and passionate about working and achieving higher results, taking responsibility and helping colleagues to get better results.


We are the team of professionals, we are here to lead the market. We believe that our scientists must be on the top edge of new technologies to develop our customers. We invest in our people and appreciate employees sharing their knowledge and experience.


We appreciate employees taking responsibility to achieve excellence in customer service, organizing and leading business processes, taking responsibility for people and company development.


People developing our company with new innovative approaches to achieve excellence and provide sustainable growth are our great value.


We believe that excellent customer service is the key driver of our success. We appreciate our people providing best support for our customers, helping them to satisfy their needs encouraging them for future cooperation.


We support and encourage our people to get new knowledge in different areas that will help them to develop themselves and the company.


There are many challenges in our work that happens simultaneously and we do our best to work more efficiently. We award people putting enough effort to act fast and highly effective and with high prodcutivity.