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Medical Industry

Turkmen Health care industry has shown one of the strongest growth rates in the Central Asia region with annual spending growth rate of around 18% and CAGR for coming five years is expected to be over 12%. Government has developed strong health care modernization plan until 2020. Foreign medical companies participate in the turnkey health center projects as well as modernization of existing medical facilities. Number of medical equipment manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies demonstrated keen interest in Turkmen healthcare market due to the latest government reforms guaranteeing high quality service to citizens. The success of the health reform is illustrated by the improved quality of public healthcare services. The measures to prevent diseases, enhance sanitary and epidemiological surveillance are few essential factors for promoting the national health system along the path of fundamental reforms. Mandatory vaccination has played a significant role in reducing the sickness rate in the country. Poliomyelitis has been eliminated in the country as a result of the mass child vaccination campaign held in Turkmenistan since 1997. Turkmenistan received international certificate on the eliminationof poliovirus circulation in 2002. The consistent measures are taken to develop health report infrastructure in the country.